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Hi, welcome to the whimmark testing family

Whimmark, a brand new social media for fishing anglers, the mobile helps users to: Share the moments with the friends, celebrates and memories the best catch of the day. Look for a new fishing location, the app map provides thousands fishing spots and discover more from the other users’ sharing. Log the catch, our app stores the most crucial information: the fishing methods, the lure used, the weather, tide / marine information and more. The historical records help the anglers fishing in the right place at the right time. Busy with your hands? One button to store the current fishing spots, it helps to create a list of your own. You won’t miss the spots. Log the trip you traveled, our app stores for your future reference, also tag with all your catches and spots during the trip. Forget Log the route? as long as you token the picture, our app recreates or draws the route for you. Forget your tape at home, don’t worry, the app adopts the latest AR technology, we measure the fish size for your reference.

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